Dainese Solarys Air & Gore-Tex: Breathability and waterproofness

The Dainese Solarys Air are ventilated touring boots designed for long journeys in summer or mid-season. The Solarys are also available in Gore-Tex version, with the same level of ventilation, but with the well-known waterproof membrane.

Construction and materials

To achieve a high level of ventilation without recourse to direct openings, Dainese has chosen to alternate breathable fabric with microfibre panels whose touch and aesthetics remind us of leather. The microfiber provides a value of abrasion resistance along with leather, but requires less maintenance and tolerates rainwater better.

Dainese Solarys Air & Gore-TexThe distribution of fabric and microfiber is different between the Air model and Gore-Tex, as we can see in the image. On the left we see the Gore-Tex model and on the right the Air model.

Although the design is the same in both models, the distribution of fabric and microfiber is different between the standard Air model and the Gore-Tex. In the Air the areas of fabric are more generous; They cover a large part of the foot, the instep, the outer side and the entire rear area of ​​the cane. In contrast, in the Gore-Tex these areas are reduced to the instep, external lateral and the cane.

Joining these areas of fabric and microfiber in both boots we have micro-injection reinforcements, located in the instep and the side. The boot flex is correct and they are very light, improving the comfort.


In fact, the side micro-injection zone has an ankle TPU protector. We find a rigid insert between the inner lining and this TPU. It is not the only reinforced part: the toe, the heel and the cane have rigid inserts. Finally, we have TPU in the instep, specifically on the shift lever.

Dainese Solarys Air & Gore-TexDetail of the micro-injection zone, that has an ankle TPU protector.


In the inner lining also there are differences. In the Air we have a 3D fabric, padded, but also microperforated, of high breathability. In contrast, in the Gore-Tex boots we find this membrane sewn to the inner lining. We have a waterproof inner layer that protects us from rain, but allows transpiration because the Gore-Tex stands out as the most breathable membrane.

Dainese Solarys Gore-TexDetail of the interior of the Dainese Solarys Gore-Tex.

Dainese Solarys AirDetail of the interior of the Dainese Solarys Air.

Sole, closure and details

The Solarys sole is the same in both models. It is signed by the Skyline brand, made in rubber and with a design of two levels: heel and plant.

The closure is by side zipper combined with velcro on the microfiber panels, so that the zipper is hidden. Finally, the reflective details in heel and toe make the boot more visible in low light conditions.

Dainese Solarys Air & Gore-TexThe sole is the same in both models and is signed by the Skyline brand.


After testing, we can say that the boots are very comfortable, both on the bike and outside. The ergonomics are perfect because the internal part is flat allowing us to lean on the chassis. The space of the shin allows to put the pants inside. The shank's upper edge is padded and the side zip allows an easy insert on the boot, to win in comfort.

Dainese Solarys Air & Gore-TexGeneral view of two models: the Dainese Solarys Gore-Tex (left), and the Dainese Solarys Air (right).

In short, we have two boots that are perfect for traveling in summer. The Air version provides all the ventilation possible without having to resort to direct openings, contributing to a good safety. On the other hand, the Gore-Tex version offers good ventilation, without reaching the levels of the Air, but much better than other waterproof boots. We have an ideal boots to travel with rainy conditions and for mid-season.