Dainese Torque D1 Out Gore-Tex

The Dainese Torque D1 Out are one of the most sporty boots from the Italian brand and if we add the waterproof Gore-Tex membrane, we have a product that allows us to go for a ride at any time everywhere.


The Dainese Torque Out D1 Gore-Tex boots feature two different materials on their external structure: the microfiber, which is a material with great levels of wear resistance, very similar to the leather, that is placed in the instep and the rear area of the boot; and the D-Stoen textile, a material placed on both sides of the boot, being the most resistant textile against the wear.

General view of the Dainese Torque D1 Out Gore-Tex boots.

Both materials are combined with TPU external protectors, that compose the boot's chasis. The Axial Distortion Control System avoids ankle's injuries and possible lateral movements, protecting as well the leg and foot from impacts. The accordion material placed on the instep will help the natural movement of the foot.

On the inside we find the main differences between the Gore-Tex version and the standard one. The Gore-Tex technology brings impermeability and transpiration. We also find a microperforated panel on the upper area, according to evacuate the internal moisture.

Detail of the Gore-Tex material and the microperforated textile.


The Torque D1 Out Gore-Tex boots have some air inlets, placed strategically on the instep and the shanks' side protector areas. These are the same air inlets we find on the standard version; however, the ventilation is not the same because the boot features the Gore-Tex layer, that prevents the water and the cold outside to come into the boot. That means we are in front of a pair of boots whoch can be used on Spring, Autumn and Winter seasons.

Detail of the accordion area (left) and the air inlet (right), both placed on the boot's instep.

Closures and adjustments

The boot's main closure is a rear zipper system. There are two velcro straps that help to adjust the boot to our legs perfectly. In the shank's upper area we find a material with a nice touch that will prevent the water to come in, isolating our leg from the low temperatures, keeping the feet and legs dry and warm.

Detail of the TPU's air inlet, placed on the shank (left) and the textile finish on the boot's upper area. 

Sole and details

If we move to the sole, we will note that there is a rubber compound that gives us a nice grip to the stirrup, even on rainy days. It has two heighs and the sole is overlapped to the boot in some areas, according to offer the maximum rigidity. Finally, we have to highlight the TPU inserts we fins on the internal side of the heel, that allows a better grip and contact on the motorbike's chasis.

General view of the Dainese Torque D1 Outs' sole.

Summarising, the Dainese Torque Out D1 are sporty boots designed for being used both in the track and the road. And with the Gore-Tex version, these boots extend their usage range, on the coldest months.

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