Dainese Veloster Professional: straight to the track

The Dainese Veloster Professional suit  is a leather gear with a sporty cut that wants to combine protection with riding comfort thanks to the adoption of the newest technologies  available in the Italian brand. The suit has an asymmetric design, a characteristic of Dainese suit products that has been largely tested.

Materials and design

The Dainese Veloster is a one piece suit made with high tech materials, tough to strokes and abrasion. The main material is cow leather combined with biolastic S1 fabric. The S1 fabric is zones where elasticity is needed, like inner arms, sides, groins and legs back zone. The fabric crossed pattern means a better endurance and improved flexibility in all directions.

The flexibility is optimised with accordion elastic panels insertions in the kidneys area, suit sides and knees upper zone. And finally, we have a elastic mesh fabric in the back of the neck for a better control of head movements.


The Veloster features external titanium shoulder protections, both injected in microfiber rigid protectors. These protectors have been made from homologated plastic material that allows inner air evacuation and also deflects the energy in case of crash.

There’re two more inner rigid protections in elbows and forearms, while in the knees also exist inner rigid protections combined with outer padded zones and prolonged all along the shinbone. Is in this area where we find the knee sliders, totally adjustable and replaceable thank to the Velcro attaching system.

The suit also includes soft protections called ‘Pro Shape’ in both suit sides and an aerodynamic back hump.

Interiors and adjustments

The inner side is made with NanoFeel lining and is detachable thanks to a combination of zipper and Velcro. The fabrix is washeable and also have flexible zones to increase freedom of movements. The inner lining also has a left-side internal pocket. The suita has been designed to be used always with the NanoFeel lining on.

The inner side of the shinbone features Velcro zone in order to adjust Dainese boots, like the Axial Pro In, designed to be inside the shift, so the boot is attached to the suit thanks to the Velcro zones mentioned before. But the Veloster also allows you to fit with any other type of sporty boot, Dainese made or from any another brand.

Both sleeves feature zipps for a better fitment and have a Velcro finish to fix the zipp. The suit main fastener is also a zipp with a Velcro fixement.

The combination between high flexible materials and a big degree of protection result in a very technical suit but also one of the most comfortable in the market. Totally homologated, the Dainese Veloster has been design to offer all the security needed when riding in track and road alike.


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