Dainese X-Strike: sporty gloves with short shank

The Dainese X-Strike gloves have been designed to offer protection and sportivity both on urban and road riding during the Summer, Autumn and Spring periods.

Materials and construction

The Dainese X-Strike are very comfortable gloves we can find on the market. Designed for a continous use, the main material used is the cowhide and doeskin in the palm's area. The shank is short, with a Neoprene basis and microelastic inserts for a better flexibility in that area.

We find pre-curved fingers for a natural position when riding and microperforated areas for an increased ventilation.


The main characteristic of these gloves is the Ergo-Tek knuckles protection. It is a polyurethane protector placed on the glove's inside with an external protection made with titanium. That mean we are in front of a very light protection. In the palm area the glove features reinforcements and padded areas with the same doeskin.

On the fingers we find more protections, common in other gloves: TPU protectors in the external side of the hand, acting as a slider in an event of a fall; and the little finger has other TPU protectors, according to protect this critical area of our hands. One of these protections has been named as 'Distortion Control', patented by Dainese. All the phalanges have their own TPU inserts but the thumb, that features padded areas.

Closure and details

The closure is a Velcro strap placed in the wrist. For a better comfort, both gloves include an internal strap, that makes easier the action of putting the gloves on.

Summarising, the Dainese X-Strike are a sporty and comfortable gloves with short shank. They have great quality materials that offer an optimal touch on sporty riding modes and they avoid some rigod protectors we can find in other racing gloves. Their sober lines makes these gloves suitable also for an urban daily riding on our motorbikes, cafe-racers or scooters.

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