Quick interview: Iván Cervantes before the 2017 Dakar

Before leaving for the 2017 Dakar, five time Enduro World Champion Iván Cervantes (Cambrils, Tarragona, 02/05/1982) gave us a few minutes from his busy agenda to answer a very personal quick interview: it's the Motocard Speed Test!

¡Hi, I'm Iván Cervantes and today I'm gonna answer the Motocard Speed Test!

Motocard: Holidays favourite country

Iván Cervantes: Spain

M: And a place to live

IC: Cambrils

M: Favourite dish and drink

IC: Pasta and Red Bull

M: Choose a colour

IC: Orange

M: What race you like most

IC: Races over sand

M: Best professional memory

IC: My first World Title

M: Worst professional memory

IC: Injuries!

M: And a professional dream to fullfil

IC: Win the Dakar

M: There's any thing or talisman that always goes with you at the races

IC: Beatiful memories and things that I have in my head.

M: We have a time machine, against who you would race?

IC: Against the past itself

M: Sport hero form then and now

IC: From then Juha Salminen; now Marc Coma

M: In which other sport you have thought "I can be champion in this too”?

IC: Well…none other! (laughts)

M: Tell us one of your faults

IC: Stubbornness

M: And a virtue

IC: Perseverance

M: What would you not repeat again?

IC: Maybe some race which I became injured

M: No races, it's sunday...what are you doing?

IC: Spending time with my family and children

M: How do you imagine yourself after leaving professional riding?

IC: Very old (big laughts)

M: If you wolndn't be a rider, you will be...

IC: Rider!

M: Which movie/serie character you'll like to be?

IC: Any on there's action

M: Simpsons' favourite character

IC: Bart

M: Dream car

IC: I don't like cars

M: Schwantz or Rainey?

IC: Schwantz

M: Winter or summer?

IC: Summer

M: Mountain or beach

IC: Beach

M: Cat or dog?

IC: Dog

M: Tell us any band or artist you like

IC: Chili Peppers [ndr: Red Hot Chili Peppers]

M: Where do you sing more, in the shower or in the car?

IC: ¡In the shower!

M: The last one, have you tried to lick your elbow?

IC: No! (laughts and tries it)

I hope you liked the interview, I see you all at the 2017 Dakar. Full throttle!