2017 MX FOX equipment: 180 vs 360

The FOX 2017 MX range equipment has arrived at Motocard. As usual, the equipment is divided in the 180 and the 360 versions, each one with details and materials for a purpose: offer comfort, protection and flexibility when riding.

Fox 360 equipment

The Fox 360 jersey is made with breathable Polyester, a material with high humidity absorption and also flexibility. This Polyester is disposed as mesh in the internal area of the arms and also in the back. That provides a maximum ventilation. The neck area features sporty lines and the seams are reduced according to provide the maximum comfort. fitment.

General view of the 2017 Fox 360 equipment (left) and the 2017 Fox 180 (right).

The 360 pants are made with 900D Polyester, a high resistance fiber, combined with a elastic textile called 'True Motion', used as well in the Flex Air range equipment, offering four-way direction flexibility. The 360 pants combine reinforcements and protective panels, also seen on the Flex Air range. That means we are in front high resistant pants and also flexible. There are many vented panels, placed in the side of the legs and also in the back. In the internal area there are vented panels and laser orifices have been made in strategical areas according to offer the maximum ventilation.

Detail of the neck finishes on both jerseys (360 left, 180 right).

As protections, we find in the knee's internal area leather panels with Polyester reinforcements, while in the external area there are TPR reinforcements. The pants offer enough space on their inside if we want to equip orthopedic knee brace. There are other details, as the elastic stripes on the back, for an optimal flexibility and freedom of moves. The silicone band helps to adjust the jersey inside the pants, while the double seams helps to give a minimum thickness on the boot area. The pant's closure is through zipper and micrometric strip.


Fox 180 equipment

The 180 jersey has been made with Polyester, but the vented panels are limited on this shirt: only there are ventilation areas from the armpit to the basis. However, the sleeves finish and the neck are made with elastic and microperforated textile.

The 360 jerseys' sleeves finishes have double seam (left) while the 180 jersey has a flexible panel in the same area (right).

As we find on the 360 jersey, the Fox 180 T-Shirt features a precurved sleeve's design, that improves the ergonomy when we are riding the bike. The back is larger, so it helps to mantain the jersey inside the MX pants. The graphics are through sublimation, a method that offers more resistance against the the washing.

The 180 pants are very similar to the 360: made with 600D Polyester, they feature elastic panels in strategical areas, as the pubis, knees and waist. Neverthless, the ventilation areas presence is reduced (compared with 360 pants) and we only find them in the internal area of the legs and the upper area of the knee.

Detail of the knee's area on the 360 pants (left), more ventilated than the 180 (right).

If we move to the protections, the 180 pants fetaure a leather reinforcement in the knee's internal area and a TPR protector in the external side. The 180 pants include on its interior foam protectors, removable trough a Velcro system (the 360 pants have the Vlecro but the foam protectors are not included). The 180 pants' closure is thorugh a zipper and a micrometric strip.

The back of the 360 pants is independent, taht means more flexible when we jump with the bike (left). On the 180 pants this area does not exist (right).

If we are looking for an equipment for the MX practise, the Fox 360 will offer the maximum flexibility and ventilation. The Fox 180 will offer protection and versatility for fun riding for non-expert users or for using it during all the year round. And for those who are MX and Enduro professionals, the Fox Flex Air equipment will provide all the protection, flexibility and ventilation they need.

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