Fox Comp 8: maximum Off-Road performance

Derived from competition and the knowledge of a champion such as Ricky Carmichael, these striking Fox boots have a design and colouring that seduce you from the moment you set your eyes on them.

If you’re looking for the performance of the Fox Instinct, but at a lower price, there’s no doubt, the new Fox Comp 8 could be your ideal boots. Boots that let you feel every single reaction of your bike when skidding and jumping, but providing comfort, control and a feeling of safety and fit of the highest level.


Without a doubt, the design is one of the most striking aspects of the comp 8. Designed to provide an excellent feel and comfort from day one, the combination in orange and black make these Fox distinguish themselves with a touch of notoriety. The internal face of the boot stands out, being completely flat and with a spot on trace of crossed lines which provides the rider with maximum sensation of control from the first instant. Basically, nothing comes between the boot and the bike and the roughness of this inner face of the boot allows you to manoeuvre the bike as you like and feel how it reacts at all times, even under wet conditions or on a very muddy track. Nevertheless, nothing stops its design from being clean and at the same time, attractive, with detailing that gives them a lot of personality, such as the firm’s fox logos on the outer side, the front or even on the sole.


As it couldn’t be any other way, this aspect has been specially looked after. To start with, the Zero Bulging technology allows the rider to feel that their ankle is well held and protected, which also helps to ride with full confidence, without slight foot movements that might interfere with our performance. Of course, we also see a large quantity of protections that have to be on motocross boots of the level of the new Comp 8. Therefore, we find that the areas of the shin, calf and all the lower internal area and even the toecap, are all very well protected, and all thanks to a material that has all the guarantees, injection moulded plastic.

Fasteners and adjustments

The new Comp 8 opt for an efficient buckle fastener, just like its higher range siblings, the Fox Instinct. However, here the new 2 in 1 design of the lower strap particularly stands out, thus providing the same hold as for two straps, but also with the greater convenience of having just one strap can provide when pulling your boots on or off. All this so that the rider can enjoy good performance in the simplest way. And what’s more, the straps are extremely flexible so that they never interfere with the rider’s ride.



The sole of the Comp 8 employs all the brand’s knowhow in order to enjoy riding under all conditions, whatever they may be, and always with maximum confidence. That’s why they opt for a steel plate integrated into the insole; thus they provide greater arch support, although the plate is placed such that it does not interfere in the bending of the front area. The exclusive exterior sole is made of DuraTac, a material that disperses the bike’s vibrations, provides great grip and, more importantly, has great durability. This in itself is much more important than it seems, as the metal foot pegs, as spiky as they may be, can lose grip capacity when covered in mud, sometimes being the reason for rider error. Therefore it is very important to guarantee the grip between the boot and the footrest, and without a doubt the sole of these Fox boots fulfil this mission above and beyond. Similarly, the vibrations that we receive via the foot pegs can be exhausting, such that the capacity of the sole to absorb them can be key to our performance not declining due to fatigue. Yet again, the Fox Comp 8 score highly on this point.


Also, a demanding rider doesn’t just conform with having their foot securely held in order to achieve the desired control of their bike; apart from this sensation of firmness, having a good feel around the foot is also important, with the sensation of a carefully designed interior, at the comfort as well as the breathability level, being very appropriate, and also necessary. To this end, they have opted for an interior ankle support in top quality foam with non-slip chamois in the heel, thus maintaining the foot in place whilst we only have to concentrate on riding for as long as your body holds out. These Fox Comp 8 are, without a doubt, great boots.

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