Fox Flexair 2018

Fox Flexair 2018 is the latest evolution of the highest range of the brand. In this way, the Flexair range receives a complete redesign. Designed for true motocross lovers, the innovations and the improvements in materials and adjustments take this 2018 model to a new level.

Fox Flexair 2018 jersey

The new Flexair jersey achieves a unique design incorporating the most advanced fabrics and the most innovative manufacturing techniques. It stands out for its light weight, its ventilation and, above all, its elasticity.

The T-shirt is made of TRUDRI fabric, which promotes perspiration and keeps the body dry, helping to regulate the temperature.

Fox Flexair 2018Detailed image of the fabric and perforations of the Fox Flexair 2018 t-shirt.

In addition, the perforations that we see distributed throughout the jersey are made in laser for more ventilation.

The seams have been sealed so we avoid annoying scratches when we ride with the bike. The comfort is total in all the parts of the t-shirt.

Fox Flexair 2018The Flexair 2018 jersey fabric is very elastic, adapting perfectly to our body.

Also note the innovative opening in the area of ​​the fist with regard to the previous model. It eliminates all kinds of restriction in the movement of the hand and the wrist.

Fox Flexair 2018 pant

With regard to pant, Fox's flagship, has numerous novelties making it an even more complete garment. It is not surprising that it is used by some of the best riders in the world.

It is made of TRUMOTION four-way elastic fabric, favoring freedom of movement, reducing weight and extending the life of the pant.

Fox Flexair 2018The Fox Flexair 2018 pants, like the shirt, fits perfectly with the boot.

As in the shirt, the interior of the pant is totally smooth, without seams because they are heat sealed, thus increasing the comfort, facilitating the movements and reducing their total weight. The perforations are made with laser, also to help a greater ventilation.

Since Fox has also decided to eliminate the interior lining, since the brand is believed that weight and air circulation are some of the most important aspects when practicing motocross.

Fox Flexair 2018Detailed image of the pant fabric, very breathable.

But it is certainly in the knees where we find the most important novelties. The new construction of the area offers a clean design and very adaptable to all types of knee pads. In fact, with the protection knees the feeling of comfort is maximum, in the same way that freedom of movement is absolute.

The interior of the knee area reinforced with panels of dyed leather for greater protection, durability and above all resistance to abrasion is another of the innovations of this Flexair pant.

Fox Flexair 2018In the area of the knee is where we see more progress compared to the previous model, being especially resistant to abrasion.

In the adjustments stands out the new system of grip of the waist, more rigid and that keeps the pant in its place, even when we do extreme positions.

And to make the Flexair 2018 still more complete gear we can also buy gloves, very comfortable and adaptable at hand. They are made of elastic fabric, the palm is made in a single layer of micro-perforated fabric (Cool-Touch) that offers the best possible touch and has silicone inserts at the tip of the index finger to improve grip with the handles. Lastly note that it lacks closure in the wrist area because it is not necessary.

Fox Flexair 2018To complete the set we can make use of the new gloves Fox Flexair 2018.

In short, the Fox Flexair 2018 jersey and pant are an amazing set for experts in the motocross world. The innovations regarding previous versions are impressive allowing a great freedom of movement, maximum flexibility and all with a very light weight. If your is the competition and the challenges, this is your perfect gear. Remember that Fox offers multitude of designs for this top-of-the-range model.

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