FOX Instinct: track's instinct

The FOX Instinct's MX boots are the offroad most advanced footwear from the brand. Developed by MX racers like Ken Roczen or Richy Carmichael, the FOX instinct have been designed to deal with the most competitive races and also offer the benefits the MX racers need.


The construction of the Fox Instinct is built around a system named Core Dynamic Stabilizer. This element ensures the ankle's protection and allows the natural movement on this area, avoiding other movements that can cause injuries, like twisting or the hyperflexion.

Fox Instinct general view.

Around this element, we find other materials, chosen by FOX for their properties regarding protection, durability and comfort. There is one important thing: the FOX Instinct does not have inner boot, so nearly all the protectors are built around all the boot's external area. We have to highlight the wide panels we find on a side of the boot, made with Duratac, a material that provides maximum grip and the correct protection against the warmer engine.

In this photo we can apreciate the boot's inner face (left) with big Duratec panels and the outter face (right) featuring the heel's ankle point.


The Fox Instinct include many reinforcements. Starting from the internal side, we find the Duratac as the main reinforcement on this area and also the internal side of the feet. In the boot's toecap we find a rubber protector for changing gear.

In the upper area we find the polyurethane: it is placed on the shank's area, with the Fox's logo on it and also in the external side of the boot. On the heel there is a generous TPU area as well, ensuring the rigidity of the area. The ankle and the Aquilles tendon are reinforced by the Dynamic Core Stabilizer, yet mentioned. Finally, on the few areas where we does not find TPU or Duratac, there is padded areas, which offer comfort to the foot and the leg.

The toebox top protection features a differnet pattern in each feet, in consonance with the shifter and brake lever differences.


The boot's inner area is made with a microperforated textile which offers breathability from the toecap to the shank. This textile covers all the internal padding of the boot. On the shank, we have to highlight the internal flap, made with microfiber, that protects the leg and foot from the external elements and helping to adjust better the boot to the foot.

Microperforated inner liner close up

Sole and closures

The sole of the boot is made again with Duratac, a material that helps to dissipate the bike vibrations, offering grip and protection. It is reaplaceable. The closure system has been designed exclusively by Fox and it is effective and easy to tie. Its design offers fixed buckles and micrometric straps, that allow us some flexibility. That means more comfort when riding and the same security for our feet in all the situations.

Close up of one of the buckles of the Instinct (left) and of the Hinge Lockout anchorage system (right).

Regarding the graphics, the Fox Instinct boots come with a wide range of colors, from the basic ones to the Limited Editions, like this one, named Glen Helen 2016, honoring the Californian MX track.

Fox has chosen its own way for designing the MX racing boots. With their construction, the Fox Instinct boots offer comfort and a high level of protection, with thousands of details according to cut tenths on the track.

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