FOX Podium Union Red

The Fox Podium is a large bag designed to carry all the equipment necessary to practice Motocross. Designed specifically for it, it has a capacity of 135 litres and a host of pockets that make it the most comfortable transport for our off-road gear kit.

Made of high-resistance polyester, it features a padded interior. The bag is large with up to 135 liters, with measures 89cm long, 38cm wide and 41cm height. To facilitate its transportation, the Podium has a padded shoulder strap, fastened by removable buckles, and two parallel handles.

The bag has the same design of the 2016 FOX Union garment.

What differentiates the Fox Podium from other bags are the details and pockets specifically designed for carrying equipment and other off-road spares. The main compartment is very large and has two zippers: the principal one opens the bag and the smaller one, this last with a grid for gear ventilation once it is stored inside the bag, preventing moisture and odors in our garments.

The microperforated mesh provides an excellent mist evacuation from the inside of the bag.

There are also two large side zippered pockets, both featuring a reinforced plastic grid. These compartments are designed to store our boots, which will be stored separately from other gear, preventing staining and, thanks to the plastics grids, the boots will be ventilated. There is also a zippered pocket for helmet's glasses on the top flap.

[peu]The side compartments are big enough to store the MX boots (left) and their orifices also provide mist evacuation (right).[peu]

Finally, a great detail: there is a zipper on the bottom of the bag containing a mat attached to the bag. Unfolding it, we can put our boots without getting dirty.

The Fox Podium has a blue mat that allows us to put on the garment avoiding to get dirty.

This version features the brightly decorated 2016 'Union' graphics, available along with the rest of the Fox 2016 collection. Fox also offers the same bag with the same size, in a version with wheels (a trolley version) under the name Fox Shuttle.

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