Gaerne SG12

The Gaerne SG12 boots are the most advanced offroad boots from the Italian brand. Designed for a professional use (riders like Cooper Webb or James Stewart use these boots), the SG12 combine protection and comfort thanks to the materials used.

Materials and construction

The Gaerne SG12 boots are composed by three plastic elements that moves around the Dual Stage Pivot System. It is a mechanism which provides progressive movements to the feet, offering all the protection needed on the ankle. For a better flexibility, we find accordion leather panels in the areas we need more flexibility. The total weight is 2.050 grams each boot.

General view of the Gaerne SG12 offroad boots.

But there are more details on the SG12 boots: the internal side features wide rubber panels from the upper area of the boot to the sole, for an optimal grip to the bike. There is a textile as finish in the upper zone of the boot, named Acronos, according to provide elasticity on that area and also for a better isolation.


We have mentioned that the Gaerne SG12 boots provide all the protection we need when practising offroad. The three plastic areas offer good protection against stones and other impacts. Its design has been made with the idea of deviate stones and energy in an event of impacts.

Front and rear view of the boots (left) and detail of the different mobile protectors we find on the boots (right).

In the shin we find a polyurethane molded protector. We can adjust this protector through three screws placed on one of its sides. There is a protector in the instep and a stainless steel protector in the toecap.

Detail of the stainless steel's toecap (right) and the double sewing that unites the sole with the rest of the boot (left).


The Gaerne SG12 do not include an internal boot and instead of this, we find a Gaerne's 'Memory Cell Foam', a layer that offers the grip we need. This foam is covered by Polyurethane and offers comfort and stability from the foot to the shank.

Detail of the foam finish we find inside the boot.

Sole and closures

The Gaernes' sole has been made with different density rubber, according to combine touch and grip. Its design also combines different grroves to get the maximum comfort and grip.

General view of the sole of the boot, with two heights and different design for an optimum grip.

The Gaerne SG12 closure includes four buckles that combine light alley with polyurethane. Its use is very easy and quickly. On the top of the boot there is an extra closure with a Velcro panel, that will adjust our legs to the boot.

Detail of the boots' closure, that combines a velcro panel with four buckles (left) and detail of the boot's air inlet (right).

Summarising, the Gaerne SG12 are a strong pair of boots, thanks to its classical aesthetic and many external protections. But once the boots on, they feel comfortable and its dynamic behaviour is very good. A perfect pair of boots designed for MX, enduro and trail-raid racing.

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