100% Strata, Accuri, Racecraft and Barstow goggles

We have available on Motocard the brand of 100% off-road goggles, represented by the Strata, Accuri and Racecraft, as well as its Barstow model. Let's see, one by one, that offers us the californian brand.

100% off-road gogglesGoggles 100%.From left to the right: Strata, Accuri, Racecraft and Barstow.
100% Strata
We start with the 100% Strata goggles, the entry model to the range. The Strata offers us basic services at a very economic price. This goggles have a flexible urethane frame, which assures us a great adaptability and durability.
100% Strata goggles100% Strata lateral view.
The lenses is made in Lexan, and has anti-fog treatment. The goggles also incorporates two pivots to anchor tear-off sheets. The ribbon, which like the whole range incorporates the 100% logo, has a silicone inner band, which improves the subjection of the goggles to the helmet.
100% Accuri
The 100% Accuri also has urethane frame but here the foam that skirts the goggles is triple layer, which improves comfort thanks to a more pleasant pressure on the skin, a greater damping of the movements and, above all, better sweat control. The lenses is also Lexan and incorporates the pivots for tear-off.
100% Accuri goggles100% Accuri rear view; we can see the three different types of paddings featured in these goggles.
The Accuri goggles has a wider belt (45mm in height), and thicker. The grip on the helmet is firmer and also prolongs the life of the belt. Its inner side has a silicone band.
100% Racecraft
The 100% Racecraft model is the competition goggles of the american brand. This is evident thanks to its frame with lateral stabilizers. Thanks to them an adjustment is maintained as homogeneous as possible with the face. The studied frame has a detachable nasal protector with three lower pivots. It also incorporates a 100% patented ventilation system: fine slots between the nasal protector and the frame that help prevent moisture formation. The frame is finished with a triple foam system for better comfort.
Speaking of moisture, the Lexan lenses also has anti-fog treatment, as well as three pivots for the installation of 'tear-off', included as standard by the brand. The wide ribbon has double-sided, with silicone band on the inside.
100% Racecraft gogglesView of the 100% Racecraft with the nasal protector mounted.
Remember that both Accuri and Racecraft include a clear lenses if we buy with the mirror or smoked lenses.
100% Barstow
The 100% Barstow are goggles that offer technology with a design point. With an aesthetic inspired by the motocross of the '70s, the goggles have a vintage-style but with current technology: a frame of minimalist design that has Lexan lenses with anti-fog treatment, anchorages for tear-off, triple foam system and air inlets. Its band also incorporates silicone in the inner part while the hooks are of leather, collaborating to this retro touch. The included lenses is smoked, but the goggles also have a clear lenses.
100% Barstow gogglesClose up of the Barstow leather-made chin strap juntion (left). This goggles, as all the other 100% models showed before, include tear-off attachments in its lenses (right).
Lexan lenses are interchangeable between the Strata, Accuri and Racecraft models of the 100% brand. That is, we have the advantage that the same visor can serve us for these three types of goggles. In addition, all these models come with a cover to store the goggles.
In summary, with the Strata and Accuri, the brand proposes off-road goggles with good performance within reach of all budgets. With the Racecraft, 100% offers a product for professionals where the brand applies its knowledge to offer the maximum performance on the track. Finally, the Barstow provide something more for those looking for personality down to the last detail. The choice is yours.