Alpinestars racing range: gloves comparative

We compare the three most popular Alpinestars sports gloves models: the Supertech, the GP Tech and the GP Pro R2. We detail the strengths and differences between them.

The Alpinestars Supertech are top-of-the-range gloves designed for circuit use; The GP Tech are one step below but also offer great benefits on both road and circuit. The GP Pro R2 are similar to GP Tech and have great value for money.

Alpinestars racing range gloves

Materials and construction

Certificates according to the CE - Cat. II Level 2 regulations, protect us from habitual intermediary risks and are certified by a notified laboratory, the material used in this type of gloves, that are thought for a driving more aggressive and risk, is kangaroo skin. This type of leather is very durable and offers great flexibility and high performance.

Alpinestars racing range gloves

In addition, the Supertech also incorporate cowhides in some points of the gloves thus increasing their quality.


The three models have very similar characteristics and is that they are all designed and designed to offer maximum safety in circuit or in sports driving.

Alpinestars Dynamic Friction Shield protect the knuckles and incorporate molded air inlets that improving the ventilation. The fist is very ergonomic and is made in injected TPU to favor the safety of the rider. Finally, the bridge between the fourth and fifth finger of the Italian brand, which prevents twisting and detachment of fingers in the event of a fall as well as the TPU sliders strategically located on the fingers and palm, also to improve the resistance and to avoid the abrasion.

Alpinestars racing range gloves

The most significant difference is that GP Tech and GP Pro R2 have output ports that further improve the ventilation, making these two models in a great option.

And another difference in terms of protection is that the poly-foam is distributed by the GP Tech, which improves even more the absorption against impacts and the resistance to abrasion.


If we talk about comfort, you can find more doubts when buying the gloves. A Racing glove will always be somewhat more dramatic than a city or touring glove and it is very normal that the first days you don't feel at all comfortable.

Alpinestars racing range gloves

And it is enough to say that in this type of gloves the protection premium over comfort: the long reed and elements in the palms and fingers are essential. However, the balance is increasing and these three models are a good example. The three, especially the Supertech, are really comfortable from the start and you don't have to wait to feel good.

Alpinestars racing range gloves

The Supertech, the GP Tech and the GP Pro R2 have similar features such as the pre-curved preparation of the fingers to reduce fatigue, the elastic insertions of leather in accordion on the fingers, palm and lateral edge for a greater comfort and freedom of movement.

But there are also some differences between them. The GP Tech and GP Pro R2 have external seams on the fingers and palm that allow a tight fit and a better feel.

Alpinestars racing range gloves

In the GP Pro R2, the index finger is compatible with the use of touch screens, for example in GPS and smartphones, and the GP Tech only have a single layer of leather for greater sensitivity with the controls of the motorcycle.

Interior and Closure

The three models equip Kevlar inside, specifically on the back of the hand, thumb and little finger. Kevlar is a very durable and comfortable material that also helps resistance against abrasion.

All of them also have the same type of closure: a Velcro adjustment on the cuff and a Velcro wrist strap to avoid the glove coming off.

Alpinestars racing range gloves

In summary, the Alpinestars Supertech, tested and developed in MotoGP by riders like Marc Márquez and Jorge Lorenzo, among others, incorporate technical characteristics very advanced to offer a super performance in driving sport. The GP Tech and GP Pro R2 have similar features and have great versatility because they offering high levels of protection and comfort, making them one of the most technologically advanced sports gloves on the market.