Bering Vesuvio gloves

The Bering Vesuvio are very complete heated gloves designed for the coldest months of the year. They stand out for having an autonomous rechargeable battery of five hours of duration and with three positions of heat, in addition to impermeable membrane and thermal lining.

Materials and construction

The Bering Vesuvio are made in Softshell fabric with Amara reinforcements in the palm for a perfect touch with the controls of the motorcycle and to extend the useful life of the glove.

In addition, the BW2 TECH 500 breathable waterproof membrane offers great protection.

Bering VesuvioImage of the Bering Vesuvio, perfect warm gloves for winter.

Being a heated gloves these incorporate an autonomous Li-ion battery of 2200mAh, 7.4 W and 3 positions of heat, that can be activated by means of a press button in the zone of the wrist: to 50% of its possibilities the battery has up to 5 hours of autonomy; to 75% its duration is 3 hours; and to 100% we can enjoy them until 2 hours and 30 minutes of autonomy in full recharge. The battery has an estimated recharge time of 3 hours and 30 minutes.


In terms of safety we find hard protections integrated in the knuckles with European conformity certification. These provide excellent protection in case of impact.

Bering VesuvioDetail of the protection of the knuckles of the Bering Vesuvio.

In addition, in the fingers we see reinforcements of foam to damp a possible blow.


Its soft Bemberger polyester inner lining with thermal insulation Primaloft and its waterproof and breathable membrane, already commented, guarantee a perfect comfort during the coldest days.

Bering VesuvioThe interior of Bering Vesuvio guarantees perfect comfort during the coldest days.


As for the closure, it has a double strip of velcro on the cuff and wrist, the latter to avoid the misalignment of the glove.

Bering VesuvioOn the left we see the switch to turn on the glove. On the right, detail of the double closure.


Its construction offers comfort. From the first moment we realize the robustness of these gloves.

In addition, despite being heated gloves, their weight is reduced and therefore do not cause fatigue. In fact, they offer great freedom of movement.

Bering VesuvioThe glove adapts perfectly to our hand, as we can see in the image.

The hands are kept warm optimally, even the tips of the fingers are clothed.

The closure is easily manipulated and very comfortable. Also, the fit is perfect.

Bering VesuvioThe battery of the Bering Vesuvio has a great autonomy.

In short, the Bering Vesuvio are the solution to your motorbike outings under the hardest weather conditions. With these heated gloves the temperature control in our hands is more than assured. In addition, its value for money makes them a really interesting accessory.

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