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Knowing your helmet size is a key factor in order to make a great purchase, as a helmet comfort and right performance in case of fall also depends of this factor.

The head size is measured in centimetres (or inches in non-metric system countries). We should obtain our size with the help of a measuring tape, putting it horizontally just above our ears – the widest part of our head. Generally, helmets brands offer helmets from 53cm to 59cm size heads, but there are also brands that have a wider range of sizes, ranging from 50cm to 65cm.

Cómo elegir talla de cascoMeasuring your head with a tape can be done alone or with another person's help.

Translated to the size nomenclature, it means that they offer from XS size (the smallest) up to XL (the biggest), having S, M and L between them. As we said before, the brands commercializing a wider range go for sizes like XXXS and XXXL but others prefer to unfold a popular size, like M in MS and ML sizes.

Cómo elegir talla de cascoAGV is one of the brands that use the size split system, like this K5 in ML size.

Now that we have our correct head measurement, we can look for the size of our helmet thanks to this size chart.

Cómo elegir talla de cascoSome helmets show the head measurement above the helmets' size, for a better user's information when buying.

Helmets are designed to absorb and disperse the energy received in an event of a crash, adding to this riding comfort, correct ventilation and protection against external elements. For all these reasons we must choose carefully a helmet and its size.

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