GIVI's cases Buying Guide

The Italian manufacturer offers a great range of products (cases and bags) for our bikes. You can choose all of them in our website, so you can find the product that better fits your needs.

Monolock and Monokey

Givi offers a wide range of cases which can be divided in two families: Monolock and Monokey.

The Monolock range is designed to cover back cases, with small and medium store capacity, very useful for scooters, maxiscooters and small motorbikes in a urban environment.

The Monokey range is composed by bags and cases of medium and high capacity, designed for a touristic and adventure use. We can also find two other groups: the Monokey Side, a side cases range for a sport-touring use and the Monokey Cam-Side, side cases for an adventure use, like trail motorbikes. 

Choosing the case at

We can choose our case in our online store very easily: we must go to "Motorbike Accessories" and click to "Cases".

In this section it will appear all the GIVI cases. We can use the left side filter in order to look only for specific Monolock, Monokey, Monokey Side or Monokey Cam-Side cases. In this example, we have chosen the Trekker family as the centre case and side cases, because are alluminium builted and it is used the Monokey fitment kit. In all the cases it appears the fitment kit type that we need to use to fit in our bike.

Fitment kit for my bike

Once we have chosen the cases, we will add them to our shopping cart and now it's time to look for the fitment kits. We must remember that GIVI offers a specific fitment kit for each bike, so the only we must do is to look for it on the website:

In the same section "Motorbike Accessories" we can choose the brand, model and version/year of our motorbike. After that, we can use the left side filter and select "Fitment kit" category and automatically, it will appear all the fitment kits available for our bike.

We have selected a 2013 BMW R1200 GS like an example, a bike that we can customize with side and central cases. So, in the lateral menu we choose "Fitment Kits" and "Cases". The result shows only Monokey system cases for this bike, because they’re the only ones compatible with the BMW. We found different solutions for the upper case, depending of our tastes and necessities, but following our example, we'll choose the alloy central fitment kit SRA5108, the one that suits with our previous case choose. For the side cases, we click at the PLR5108 pannier holders. When we got the cases and fixings kits, now we're ready to buy online.

The new Trekker cases are the best solution for bike with one side exhaust system, thank to the double size of the case range, 33 and 46 litres, allowing to mount the less capacity case in the exhaust bike side and the bigger one in the opposite side.


As brand leader in the segment, Givi offers a great variety of complements too, like tankbags and saddlebags, all available in our e-store. If you have any doubt don't hesitate to visit our stores, where Motocard personal will attend you personally. Also you can leave your comments and questions in this article and video.


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