Online shopping guide of

In this online shopping tutorial you will find how to make a purchase through the Motocard website, as well as the answers to the most frequently questions (FAQs) that arise during the purchase process.

1. Choose country/language/currency on

- When we enter, the website automatically detects the country.

If it is not, it is important to indicate it in the upper right corner, since the prices will be adjusted according to the shipping costs.

- We can also choose another currency to display the prices and language of the page.

2. Search for products on

- We can consult products in two ways:

              - With the search bar if we know what concrete model we want.

              - Or through the menu and its filters.

- For example, we want to buy a road helmet, but we want to know what offer exists. If we go to 'motorcycle item/road kit/helmets' will show us all the helmets that exist in

- Now is the time to use the filters. For example, we click on a specific price range, we indicate that we want it to be an full-face helmet, with a fiber shell and that it is on offer. In this way, we have the first selection made, which can be ordered by price or as we prefer.

- There are all kinds of common filters; women's material, for novelties, you can also filter by color, season of the year, price, etc.

- There is also the filter by offer, even for flash offers. If you want to be up to date with all our discount codes and offers, you can subscribe to our Newsletter in this section:

- Then there are filters according to the type of product. For example, in the case of jackets we can choose that they have removable inner lining or that they have an waterproof membrane, being able to choose even the type of membrane, such as Gore-Tex.

3. Choose size at

- Once we know what product we want, the most important thing is to choose the correct size and check its availability.

- Select the size is very simple, since there is a drop down with all of them with their respective price.

- It is recommended to consult the size guide; it is indicated in red on top of the size drop-down. This guide will indicate the correspondence between measures and size of the manufacturer according to the product.

- We recommend consulting it because each garment, whether a helmet, gloves or jacket, varies in size according to the brand or model. If we measure and then square with the size guide we will make the perfect purchase.

- If the size we are looking for is not available, we will skip a notice where we can write our email and Motocard will notify us when the size of that product becomes available again.

- In addition, it will also show the same product in other colors or very similar products if we want to change the option.

- Well, we have the size; now we can add a 'savings pack': for a few more euros we can do with products and other accessories.

4. Planning a shipment on

- When choosing the size, we can also see how we are indicated the approximate date when we can receive the product if we buy in Spain or Europe.

- Mention that the shipping costs on are free if the purchase is over 60€ and the shipment is in Spain or in the European Union.

- If the purchase is made in Spain, Andorra or France there is the option of collecting the product in store, so there will be no shipping cost.

- There is also the option to request an 'express' shipment, although this has a different price to other products.

- In purchases outside Europe, the day of departure of the product will be indicated from the Motocard stores, and the shipping costs will be added to the payment process, suitably detailed. It should be noted that the customs expenses that may be generated by the shipment are not indicated on the website and are borne by the buyer, also depending on the country of delivery.

- For more information consult the shipping policy in this link:

5. Making a payment on

- Once we have selected a product and add it to the shopping cart, we will be offered additional suggestions for this product. We can incorporate them if we wish.

- we can always see what product we have in the basket and access your payment. There are three forms of payment: by credit card, by bank transfer and PayPal.

- If we already have PayPal account, we can make the purchase 'express' and our shipping data will be filled automatically.

- There is a fourth option, only valid in Spain, which is the purchase for financing with Cofidis whose conditions can be read in this link:

- By filling in the information we can click if we want to create a Motocard account. In this way your shopping experience will improve: with the Motocard account you can see your order history and organize your order.

- Once the data is filled in, the purchase is made. After being made, we will receive a confirmation email.

- If we want to know how our purchase is, we can do it on by entering the order number indicated in the purchase email in the 'order tracking' section and receiving an email with the information.

- Finally, after receiving our product, we receive an email to evaluate the product and know if you are satisfied with the purchase, an information that in Motocard helps us improve day by day.

Contact Motocard in case of doubt or problem

If during the purchase process you have doubts, you can always contact us at, write a private message with Facebook and/or Twitter or call us 902 102 802.

You also have a contact form on the web in the following section: