HJC RPHA 10 Plus

The brand HJC is Jorge Lorenzo's helmets provider in MotoGP and also other racers. And this version is which uses the MotoGP two-times champion in the category, so we are in front of une of the most sophisticated helmets we can find in the market.


The shell is made with PIM technology (Premium Integrated Matrix) that incorporates three different types of materials: carbon fibre, aramid and fibreglass. This composite forms a complex matrix that allows for a great lightweight and endurance. In fact, the total weight is near 1300 grams, a great value.

HJC RPHA 10 Plus Lorenzo 3 frontal and rear view.

The RPHA 10 Plus features aerodynamic lines, with an oval shape and an angular design near the frontal air intakes.


The visor included with the RPHA 10 Plus is the 2D, and it comes in two versions, clear and tinted! It’s not common for a manufacturer to include two visors in the same helmet, a great point for the customer that HJC culminates with the inclusion of a Pinlock anti-fog system.

A lever acts as the visor’s central locking that seals efficiently the helmet. A rubber ring around the visor improves the overall sealing, making the RPHA 10 plus a quiet helmet for sportive helmets standards.

The helmet comes standard with a clear and a tinted visor.

The visor changing system, named by HJC as ‘RapidFire II’, is simple, safe and fast, allowing us to change the visor without tools in a matter of seconds.
The RPHA 10 Plus ventilation system is called ‘Max Air Flow’. It features two frontal air intakes that can be regulated by dials that allows for a wide range of positions, improving air entry efficiency. This way, this unique dial system is perfect to adjust the level of air entering in our EPS. 

For the optimal ventilation, the helmet features different air intakes and mechanism regulating the inner air flow.

In the chin zone we find two air grids and an air intake with an ‘on/off’ lock system for a condensation free screen. All the inner air travels to an exit, situated in the rear spoiler.
Interior and fastener
The padding features Silvercool technology, making it odour and humidity free thanks to the antibacterial fabric Ginko Extrat. Overall it feels much more comfortable than we could expect from a sporty helmet. The chin pads and the upper padding are removable.

The inner padding offers great ventilation and comfort.

HJC includes chin curtain (which design works as an aerodynamic spoiler too) and a breath guard. The fastener is double-d as is mandatory for track use and have a five year guarantee like all the HJC products.
In resume, the RPHA 10 Plus is a high performance helmet that includes some positive surprises, like the inner padding and a studied aerodynamic for a better riding comfort. Furthermore, HJC offers a lot of extras with this model, like two visors, pinlock system, chin curtain…all at a very restrained price for a helmet that is the choice of many top-level riders like MotoGP’s Jorge Lorenzo.