HJC RPHA 11 Ben Spies Replica

HJC has re-released its flagship helmet - the RPHA 11 - with the graphics of one of the brand's most populars riders: Ben Spies. A just homage to the 2009 World Superbike Champion.


The RPHA 11 is the helmet with the most advanced technology of the Korean brand. With an ultra-sports design, its shell is of multi-fibre, including carbon fibre, thus achieving lightness and strength. Worth mentioning is the great grip of its padding is and the detailed aerodynamics and ventilation. All this devised for the track, as the RPHA 11 is the model used by the HJC competition racers, in the MotoGP, as well as the Superbikes, World Championships.

HJC RPHA 11 Ben SpiesFront view of the RPHA 11 Ben Spies

Ben Spies Graphics

Ben Spies was a HJC racer throughout his career, starting in the American AMA championships, at the start of the century, until his retirement in 2013. The Texan rider, after achieving five national championships in his home country and then managing to take the Superbikes World Cup in his first full season, made the leap to MotoGp with this helmet design.

HJC RPHA 11 Ben SpiesThe RPHA 11 Ben Spies has been made by the popular designer Aldo Drudi, as seen by the Drudi Performance signature on the helmet.

Of all the medals that Spies won, these 2010 graphics were the most popular amongst his fans. This is why HJC has re-edited these graphics on their new helmet model, the PRHA 11. As you can see, the graphics have a distinctive American flavour; a large star takes up the front (from the Texan flag), but if we look from another angle we see that the star forms part of the symbol used by the American Air Force.

HJC RPHA 11 Ben SpiesRear view of the RPHA 11 Ben Spies

On the rear we also find a map of Texas with the colours of their state flag, which are the same as the United States flag; there’s no doubt that Ben Spies is a Texan proud of his land and country. Also on the rear is the number 11, the number associated with Ben and his initials B.S. in gothic lettering.

HJC RPHA 11 Ben SpiesThe colours of the Texan flag (left) blend in with the colours of the helmet, including the star and the number 11.

The colour combination is really pretty, making an attractive yet elegant design. HJC supplies the helmet with a pair of adhesives for the screen mechanism, which continue the graphics leaving an immaculate look. This helmet comes with a clear screen and another dark one, as well as the anti-fog Pinlock sheet.

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