HJC RPHA 11: re-designing the flagship

HJC brings us in exclusivity the brand new HJC RPHA 11, a helmet that improves in each aerodynamic, ventilation and protection area from the previous RPHA 10 Plus. Perhaps we are not in front of a revolutionary helmet, but we have to recognize that the RPHA 11 has been renovated inside in and out, and now features a new structural design, an improved ventilation system, a redesigned interior and a greater visual field.


The HJC RPHA 11 is based on three types of fiber: fiber, aramid, glass and carbon. These materials are arranged in a complex network that provides high strength and lightness. This technology has been named by the mark as PIM+ (Premium Integrated Matrix Plus).

As for the design of the shell, which now features a more sober abd elegant lines along a more compact structure, although we can't forget that we're are talking about a sporty helmet, so these lines are too designed to excell in aerodynamics.

Genral view of the new HJC RPHA 11, featuring a more compact line and a wider vision field.

Helmets's overall weight is close to the previous RPHA 10 Plus: the new model stands at 1.300 gr for an 'M' size.


Helmet's ventilation is one of the areas which has received more improvements. The HJC RPHA 11 features redesigned air inlets, both in the chin and at the top of the shell, and two new frontal intakes just above the visors' place. The air intakes are now able to absorb an higher airflow, while the ventilation ducts, now wider, provide optimum ventilation inside. The mechanisms for opening and closing the ventilation system are entrusted to a 'on-off' type mechanism in the shell's chin and front, while the upper air entry are the same set of wheels already equipping the RPHA 10 Plus. In this version, we found a redesigned wheels with a rubber finish for greater contact and grip with the glove and wet. This system of rollers offers the possibility to precisely regulate the flow of incoming air (we counted up to 7 different positions). All these mechanisms are manipulated with gloves.

Ventilation system close up: closing wheels with rubber grip (top left) and a new ventilation frontal intake (top right, down).

In the shell's rear spoiler there're two outlets, plus side grilles on the back of the helmet to ensure the complete removal of moisture and warm air.


As for the helmet's visor, it offers a wider field of view compared to the previous version. It has anti-scratches and anti-fog treatment and also has new features like the redesigned sealing system: there's no longer the two pivots that existed in the RPHA 10 Plus; now we just need to press up the close up and it will be unlocked in order to rise the visor. HJC includes a Pinlock anti-fog screen as standard.

Lateral view, we can appreciate the fast visor replacement system, named RapidFire by HJC.

The helmet's still featuers the 'RapidFire' system, HJC's patented visor own fast removing system patented that allows change it without tools. The display also has the hooks for Tear-Off system.
The interior has been completely redesigned. The system has three different Multicool fabrics, each with different functions: the cheeks optimizes ride comfort, while the one at the top of the head combines the right fit with optimum breathability. Finally, the upper front top padding and aims for a correct evacuation of sweat and indoor humidity, aided by advanced indoor ventilation system. All padding is removable and washable.

Inner padding close-up, which is totally removable and washable.

The inner padding has a distinctive exterior finish, which also have areas of reflective material that prevents any entry of water inside the helmet. This is the same material found in the outer zone of the fastening straps. Thus, the padding can't not absorve any water coming from outside. The crown rubber padding around the shell ensures the isolation of the helmet in case of rain.
One of the great innovations of this helmet is its lateral padding's removable emergency system, a feature not available in the RPHA 10 Plus range.
Other details
The fastener is D-Double type with alloy buckle, the only allowod at racetrack. The helmet includes removable accessories series, such as the noseguard or breath deflector and chin covers. We also found two different series screens: one light and one dark.

Doble d-ring system detail; we can see the padding's external finish that impedes water entry thanks to its hexagonal pattern.


*As soon as the HJC RPHA will be abaliable to public, you will be able to buy it at Motocard.com