HJC RPHA ST: high class sport touring helmet

The HJC RPHA ST is the most exclusive sport-touring helmet. It features a fiber shell and some accessories that make this helmet a sporty and versatile product.


The HJC RPHA ST shell is made with fiberglass named FRP, that offers a great lightness and resistance in an event of an impact. The helmets' shell is made with three different sizes: the smallest (for XS and S sizes), another shell for the M and L sizes and the biggest for the XL and XXL sizes. The helmet's design is very compact and its aerodynamic lines are looking for a sporty philosophy, true to the brand.

General views of the helmet.

The internal EPS has been moulded for a complete adjustment to the user's physiognomy, specially for those who wear glasses.


The helmet's ventilation system is called Max Air-Flow. It has been designed for optimize the air flow on the helmet's inside at all moment. The air inlets feature mechanisms that allow us to adjust the air flow. There is a main air inlet in the upper area of the shell and there is another air inlet in the chin. There are four air outlets are placed in the rear area of the shell.

Detail of one of the air outlets of the helmet. 

Shield and visor

The HJC RPHA ST has a shield named HJ-20ST and has a closure that prevents the shield of opening accidentally. The shield also allows a 5 mm. open position, specially useful if we are riding on urban areas and we want extra ventilation. The helmet comes with a clear shield and a Pinlock 100% Maxvision layer as standard accessories. Furthermore, the RapidFire system allows the user to mount and extract the shield easily and with no tools.

The helmets' shield offers different positions.

The sunvisor HJ-L1 is placed inside the external shell and we can activate it through a lever placed in the left area of the shell. The visor has anti-scratches treatment and it can be removed easily. 

The sunvisor (left) is operated by a mechanism placed on the shell's left area(right).


The HJC RPHA ST interiors use the Silvercool Plus system, that allows an easy sewer system and the textile has an antibacterial treatment. The interiors are fully removable and washable and the helmet's closure is a double D ring and there is space available according to install intercom (this accessory does not come as a standard element).

General view of the helmet's interiors (left). Detail of the inside's textile.

We are in front of a helmet that does not forget the sporty genes and the typical high-quality materials from the RPHA family and it adapts very well to the sport-touring range. This is a comfortable, versatile and sporty helmet with an excellent price. And the HJC's five-years warranty.

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