Leatt C-Frame Carbon: Leatt’s most advanced knee protector

The Leatt Carbon C-Frame knee guard is the culmination of Leatts knowledge on biomechanical knee protection. These knee guards are designed taking into account the most common injuries in off-road riding and they offer mobility, comfort and total protection.

Construction and Materials
These knee guard feature a carbon composite construction along aluminum and plastic polymers. The main structure features an alloy-made 'C' shape around our knee that houses the knee flex mechanism. This articulation, called Interlink, is formed by two bearings which are linked by stainless steel cables, a system hat mimics the natural movement of the knee while still but maintaining the alignment with the patella.

Knee guards general view (left) and close up view of the 'C-Frame' (right).

From this aluminum frame guards are detached two protectors one for the  thigh and the other for the shin, the latter made of carbon. Both are screwed to the main structure. And attached to both the aluminum frame and the carbon guard there're three pieces of rigid polymer forming the cover of the knee, which also protects against impacts. These protectors have a padded foam interior.
The whole structure is designed to distribute forces at three different knee points (hence the 'C' shape) that prevents the most common injuries in off-road riding: the medial collateral ligament rupture (15% of injuries) and meniscal tear (20%) by lateral impact; and the anterior cruciate ligament  rupture by frontal impact (40%).
To wear correctly the knee guards we'll find two velcro straps below and their respective hasp which bind our tibia to the carbon protector. At the top there's an independent piece of padding that, by placing velcro straps and plastic buckles in four different points, embraces thigh, completing the overall fitment.

The velcro strap system assures a perfect fitment of the knee guard to our leg.

Furthermore, we can adjust the flex radius of the C-Frame Carbon. The system for doing so is very simple: we just need to change a removable rubber stopper located near on both sides of the joints. These blocks are conveniently marked in red colour and with a number indicating the degree of bending that allow, choosing between 5º, 10º, 15º or 20º. Leatt includes a replacement set of them all.

Thanks to these rubber blocks we can regulate the knee flex radius, from  5º to 20º.

Leatt includes an Allen key that allows us to move the upper thigh protector and padding, in order to customize the fit, filling every possible space that is left between our legs and foams. Shin carbon protector is very thin, intended to be placed inside the boot.
Finally, in the same box, we also find a pair of under sleeves to wear under the knee protector, making more easy to tights align the C-Frame with our knee patella. Leatt offer the C-Frame Carbon in three different sizes: S / M, L / XL and XXL.

The knee guards include a pair of under sleeves: the circle with the logo indicates the position we must align with our patella.

The Leatt C-Frame Carbon greatly reduce the possibility of injury riding in any off-road modality, from motocross to enduro but also mixed terrain ones, like the supermotard or rally-raids. They not for nothing are used by professionals from different specialties like Dany Torres, Ruben Faria or Jeffrey Herlings, among others.

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