LS2 FF390 Breaker

The LS2 FF390 Breaker is an integral sport-touring helmet with excellent value for money. This helmet does not lack of anything and even has integrated solar visor and is marketed with a pinlock Max Vision, the best of the market. An ideal option to move around town with your scooter.


The FF390 Breaker shell is made of KPA (Kinetic Polymer Alloy). It is a polymer alloy that stands out for being very robust and offering an excellent absorption of impacts, which translates into safety for the driver.

LS2 FF390 BreakerImage of the new LS2 FF390 Breaker, made in KPA.

In addition, the helmet is marketed with three sizes of shell for a better fit to each size.

The weight of the helmet is approximately 1.400 grams for a M size.


The helmet has a ventilation system with front air inlets, one in the chin rest and the other in the upper part, with on/off closures of two positions. At the rear of the helmet, in the spoiler, we find a non-adjustable output for a good air flow.

LS2 FF390 BreakerThe air inlets of the FF390 Breaker are very practical and easily manipulated.

The manipulation of the air inlets is really simple because the drives are big.


The screen is clear and is made of Lexan injected with anti-scratch treatment and UV protection. In addition, it has prepared for the installation of a pinlock Max Vision, the best on the market. The Pinlock comes with the helmet.

To raise or lower the screen we have a cam at the base of the screen itself that facilitates this task. In addition, if we wish we can carry the screen ajar without closing it at all, something that is appreciated on the hottest days.

LS2 FF390 BreakerThe screen of the LS2 FF390 Breaker is disassembled without tools and also equips an integrated sun visor.

As for the screen it is also worth noting that the mechanism of extraction of the screen is really intuitive and fast and no tools are needed.

As a good sport-touring helmet, it has an integrated sun visor and is operated by the cam located on the left base of the helmet.


Inside we find a fabric breathable and antibacterial, and is also completely removable and washable.

LS2 FF390 BreakerDetail of the interior and micrometric closure of the LS2 FF390 Breaker.

The interior paddings, on the other hand, are pre-formed by laser which offers an excellent ergonomics.

The feeling of comfort and freshness is optimal because the padding is really nice.

Closure and details

The micrometric closure is made of stainless steel and greatly facilitates the opening of the helmet, besides being comfortable and safe.

In addition, it has an emergency extraction system, indicated at the base of the helmet to facilitate the tasks in case of accident, as well as a reflector in the same area for low light or night conditions.

LS2 FF390 BreakerThe FF390 Breaker features the emergency extraction system.

Finally, it equips bretah guard and chin curtain as standard.

In short, the LS2 FF390 Breaker is a helmet that stands out for its great value for money, designed for a sport-touring use, equips everything necessary to move us safely in our day to day. The helmet is commercialized in different sizes and in a great variety of colors and graphs.