The very best of 2014 by Motocard

As we are at the beginning of a new year, we are expecting new products for 2015... Meanwhile, we'd like to look back at products from 2014, highlighting some of them.

Best Value for Money: AGV K3 SV

The AGV K3 helmet is still the most popular product from the Italian brand and its SV version holds the key for its exit success -its value for money- and it incorporates more features, such as the sun visor and new graphics. The AGV K3 SV has a completely new ventilation system and new interiors:

Novelty of the year: Shoei NXR

It was a hard job to change a popular model like the Shoei XR-1100, but Shoei did it once again. The NXR appeared last spring with the aim of maintaining the same features of a touring and sportive helmet , but now with more compact lines and featuring new details, like the completely new interiors and the emergency quick release system XQRS:

Best Seller: Alpinestars Faster

The Alpinestars Faster introduce itself as a casual product, designed mainly for daily urban trips. These Alpinestars shoes are sportive, offer a reasonable protection and excellent comfort:

Most versatile product: Dainese D-Explorer

The Dainese D-Explorer can be considered as one of the Premium motorbike jackets of its class and is a complete product wearable all year round. It has many configurations and excellent finishes, with the quality of a top brand like Dainese:

Revelation Product: Arai Rebel

In a constantly moving motorbike market, with a constant increase of the Streetfighter, Naked and Café-Racer segments, Arai's move towards the non-faired bikes is one of the smartest decisions of 2014. The Arai Rebel is a helmet whose lines have been designed for excellent aerodynamics on a non-faired bikes. Its retro style and its graphics will attract many people for sure: