Minibatt Start: the ultimate in battery chargers

The new Minibatt Start is a battery starter, multifunction charger and LED flashlight. The size of a smartphone but with the power of a conventional battery starter, its main advantage is precisely this: it is capable of charging electronic devices, but also works as a vehicle starter, even boats.


The Minibatt Start features a flashy Ferrari-style red color, and is covered by a chassis that reminds us of tire rubber, with a smooth and very pleasant texture.

Its weight is very reduced, barely 400 grams, and allows that we can transport it without problems from one place to another with total comfort. In addition, it is very compact and easily manageable.

Minibatt StartDetailed image of the output ports of the Minibatt Start. To the right, where the tongs are placed; to the left, where the different electronic devices are connected.

This handy Minibatt features new smart start clamps, new design and latest technology. In this way, these clamps give us maximum safety during the start-up function and prevent us from suffering any mishaps.


The Minibatt has a lithium bettrey. The most important thing is that it maintains its load for a maximum period of 6 months.

In addition, its recharge time is only four hours. We should only connect the device to the household power, the power outlet of the car or to a computer that is connected.

Minibatt StartThe Minibatt Start has the size of a smartphone, with a very small weight.

It is also important to mention that the Minibatt automatically shuts off when it doesn't detect activity and to check the battery level we have to fix the indicators that are next to the switch to turn on the device.

Use and functions

With a life of five years, the Minibatt Start has a power of 12,000 milliamperes per hour (mAh) and it can starts petrol and diesel engines of cars, motorcycles and even boats.

To give us an idea of ​​its efficiency, with the fully charged battery we can start a car up to 15 times and charge an iPhone6 ​​six times.

The device has a dual USB output connector and another output to charge any electronic device (smartphones, tablets, cameras, appliances, etc.).

The Start also has an LED flashlight with three different modes: lighting, flicker and distress signal. Its operation is very simple: we must keep the switch for less than two seconds.

Minibatt StartThe Minibatt Start has other functions. The LED flashlight can get us out of more of a hurry.

In short, with the MiniBatt Start we have a comfortable solution, simple and above all very practical. We have the equivalent of the multipurpose knife of the 21st century.

From loading our smartphone to starting the bike, the options are endless, so we have an accessory that can take us out of more of a hurry. In addition, its great value for money make it a mini battery recommendable.