Alpinestars A-10 full chest protection

The Alpinestars A-10 Full Chest is a revolutionary peto that stands out for its resistance and its innovative air channeling system. This is an ideal accessory for off-road riders as it has three protections in one: chest, back and shoulders.

Materials and construction

The Alpinestars A-10 is made with a robust high-performance polymer panels in order to offer optimized flexibility and weight reduction.

The three zones that make up the whole (chest, back and shoulders) have CE certified.

Alpinestars A-10Frontal and rear views of the A-10 protector.

Already inside the A-10, it is made of soft Biofoam foam, so that the rider win comfort.

In addition, it is compatible with the Alpinestars BNS Tech Carbon and BNS Pro cervical braces. The upper front panel and padded panel in the upper back area are detachable allowing integration of the cervical protector. In this way, the A-10 becomes an even more complete and safe protection.


The protective plates of the Alpinestars A-10, all with CE certification, are level 2, ensuring an enormous protection. In addition, they use an embedded grid technology under the shells to absorb and dissipate the impact forces. The grid technology cell system affords greater flexibility, ventilation and achieve significant weight reduction.

Above the shoulder protectors we find pads that allow adjustment with the BNS tabs.

Alpinestars A-10Rear protector (left) and frontal (right) close up.

Finally, we have adjustable padding on biceps that improve the safety of the Alpinestas A-10 full chest.


Alpinestars knows that a product of these characteristics needs an optimum air regulation. At this way, the A-10 incorporates perforated plates to offer optimum ventilation and perspiration.

Alpinestars A-10The protectors feature big holes to improve ventilation.

Closure, adjustment and regulation

The Alpinestars A-10 incorporates a buckle system with integrated elastic straps for an easy and fast adjustment. In addition, the A-10 has an adjustable side band protection, also for a secure and personalized fit.

Alpinestars A-10All kind of closures and straps are signalled in red.

In short, the Alpinestars A-10 Full Chest protection is what you need if you are an MX and off-road lover. A very complete protector that offers a great lightness, breathability, comfort and versatility thanks to the modular design that it offers and that allows to wear it in different configurations for several conditions of driving.