Shark ATV-Drak

After the success of helmets such as the Drak, or the Vancore, Shark has launched a new version of the first called ATV-Drak, inspired by ATV helmets and with an aesthetic that will not leave anyone indifferent. Being a jet helmet highlight its ventilation system, a really accomplished interior and some technical details that we explain below.


Unlike most jet helmets, the ATV-Drak is made of fiberglass, which gives us an idea of ​​the protection it offers in case of a possible impact.

Shark ATV-DrakImage of the Shark ATV-Drak shell, made of fiberglass.

The helmet is sold with two sizes of shell for an optimal fit to the size of each user and its weight is around 1150 grams for a size M.


In terms of ventilation include the two extractors located in the upper part of the helmet that ensure maximum breathability even at low speeds. This is a novel aspect since in a few jet helmets we find air inlets to maximize the internal air flow.

Shark ATV-DrakThe ATV-Drak air extractors give it an even more aggressive character.

In addition, these extractors give a plus of aggressive aesthetics to the whole helmet and are easily actuated by the closures of type on/off that are in each of them.


The Shark ATV-Drak has the possibility of mounting a mask similar to the popular Shark Drak but that includes the mask and the visor in one piece, which Shark calls "Dust Pack".

As a curious note Shark has prepared different kits that allow you to adapt the helmet to the final use that is given. In addition to this "Dust Pack", we have the "Sun Pack", which includes a visor as well as a protective to avoid burns on the neck; the "Fly Pack", consisting of a kind of full head cover with front grille, designed for environments where protection from insects in route is important and, finally, the so-called "Noise Pack", that includes two external plugs to cover the grids in the area of ​​the ears, better isolating the helmet from outside noise. None of these accessories are included as standard and must be purchased separately.

Shark ATV-DrakThe Shark ATV-Drak allows the configuration of different masks, although they are not included.

Thus, our motorcycle off-road trips and on the days when the cold and rain appear will be more protected.


The inside of the helmet is completely removable and washable and highlights especially the area of ​​the ears, where we find some side entrances for a better hearing and to have more present everything that happens around us.

Shark ATV-DrakThe interiors of the Shark Drak-ATV are completely removable and washable.

From outside you can see perfectly how the area of ​​the ears has a shape similar to that of some speakers, while inside we see a hole with perforations that adapts perfectly to the physiognomy of the ears.

Shark ATV-DrakThe area of the ears is designed to better capture outside noise.

The side paddings are optimized for the users of glasses thanks to the Shark Easy Fit System.

Closure and details

The closure is of micrometric type, thus facilitating adjustment to the rider.

Shark ATV-DrakThe closing of the helmet is of micrometric type, as we see in the image.

If we wish we can mount the removable visor that is included. This is fixed by three automatic buttons.

As with most Shark helmets, this jet is also prepared for the installation of the Sharktooth communication system, although it must be purchased separately.

In summary, the Shark ATV-Drak is a very versatile, comfortable and aggressive helmet designed for the most daring. A helmet that definitely attracts attention and can be used with a very wide range of vehicles.

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