2017 MX Shift equipment: Black Label vs White Label

The German brand (belonging to the FOX group) has released the new 2017 MX equipment. Shift divides its off-road equipment in two families: Black Label and White Label.

The FOX Black Label equipment has been designed for pure racing and is weared for racers as Chad Reed o Josh Grant. On the other side, there is the White Label range, a most versatile alternative. Let's see them with detail:

Front and rear view of the Shift Black Label equipment (left) and White Label (right).

Black Label equipment

The Shift Black Label shirt is made with Polyester in a multiple textile disposal. That means more flexibility and a better response with our movements on the bike. This new disposal also provides a better heat regulation, as well as the textile evacuates the sweat outside, including when the racer is doing a maximum exercise. According to this, we find wide microperforated areas where the sewat is evacuated, like the side panels, the neck and the waist areas. The graphics are made by sublimation technique, so it will offer a great resistance to the wear and the prolonged use.

Differences between the neck area textile in the Black Label shirt (left) and the White Label one (right).

The Shift Black Label pants have been created with the flexibility as the main goal. Its Polyester 600D (the pant's main material) is high resistant and it is combined with a four-way flexible textile, that provides freedom of movements on the knees and the waist. As we find also on the jersey, the pants feature perforated areas and mesh panels, according to provide a maximum ventilation, specially on the knees and the waist. Finally, on the internal side of the legs there is a protective panel which will protect that area from the heat of the engine and also from the wear.

More flexibility and ventilation on the Shift Black Label pants (left) and a less sporty design on the White Label family (right) are the main differences (izquierda) on these pants.

On their inside, we find a mesh panel that covers from the waist to the knees and also a silicone band according to hold the jersey inside the pants when riding. Their closure is a micrometric strap and a zipper.

White Label equipment

The Shift White Label jersey has been made with polyester with the same aim: to offer resistance and a proper body temperature regulation. As we find on the Black Label, there is an ergonomic design, as a longer rear side according to remain inside the pants when riding or the neck in 'V', so we are in front of a jersey that offers an excellent comfort when riding. Their graphics are also resistant to the wear or a prolongated use thanks to the sublimation technique.

Detail of the microperforated areas in the side areas of the Black Label (left) and the White Label (right).

The Shift White Label pants are made with Polyester 600D, combined with bielastic panels on the waist and the rear side of the legs, according to offer great flexibility when riding. Protections are in the knees and waist sides (removable padding protectors) and on its inside there are microperforated mesh for an optimal ventilation (from the waist to the knees). As we find on the Black Label, these pants include silicone bands for holding the jersey on its inside and its closure is a combination of zipper and micrometric strap. The main difference between both pants is that the White Label ones do not include protective textile on the inside side of the legs and the elastic areas are better on the Black Label pants. The ventilation is higher on the Black Label pants as well.

The pants are designed with the same style as the jerseys: higher ventilation on the Black Label family (left).

Summarising, the Black Label equipment has been designed for a professional use, while the White Label equipment has an adjusted price and for users who have a less off-road technique and more versatile profile.

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