SIDI MAG-1: From Racing competition

The new SIDI sports boot incorporates the latest advances in safety material, adapted to top competition, amongst which we highlight the asymmetric design of the heel and the Techno-3 Magnetic fastener.

The SDID MAG-1 are made of Microtech Microfibre and have a front and rear hinge made of elastic material and with encapsulated in polyurethane. The front hinge has two TPU bands in the fastener area, which better hold and surround the instep. This provides flexibility in the area where it is most needed.

Inside the boot there is a transpirable Teflon mesh, whilst the toecap is in Cambrelle. The Teflon treatment protects the boots fabrics, impeding the absorption of water and sweat, favouring rapid drying and impeding mould formation.

The shank

The polyurethane shin protector is in the shank area- removable and exchangeable. The Techno-3 magnetic fastener and the micrometric strap adjust the circumference of the shank to adapt to the shape of the shin.


The boot fastening system relies on the Techo-3 Magnetic system, which consists of three different mechanisms that close the boots thanks to a hook with an iron thread fixed to the hook via a magnet. They are easy to use, light and multi-adjustable. They are also replaceable.


As it is a sports boot, the MAG-1 incorporate various reinforcements in the more critical areas of the boot. The fixing system of the shank has reinforced carbon fibre plates, configuring the structure or chassis of the boot. In the gear change area there is also a polyurethane and sewn protector. The sliders are made in reinforced nylon with fibreglass, whilst all the areas subjected to increased force have double stitching.

Other features

The SIDI MAG-1 have a shaped, asymmetric heel that fits better to the heel’s contour. This helps to improve the contact and adherence of the boot with the bike, combining this with the cushioning system on the rear outer part. The protection and the heel’s cushioning element are substituted via a screw and a casing system. The inner sole is plastic with a removable insole.

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