Dainese Aero Evo C2 leather suite

The Dainese Aero C2 is a cowhide suite that offers comfort and protection to those users who are looking for high performances on the track. And now is available at Motocard.com at a great price!


The main material of this suite is the cowskin, named D-Skin by Dainese. This leather features a treatment which gives more resistance to the leather against the wear.

Front view, side view and back view of the Dainese Aero Evo C2 suite.

Combined with the D-Skin leather we find the flexible textile S1, that provides flexibility to those areas where we need freedom of movements. The S1 textile is placed in the sleeves, waist and the back of the legs.

We have to highlight that this suite offers both protection and comfort and as example we find the swing and elastic abdomen thanks to a zipper and buttons combination. It has been designed to provide flexibility, comfort and protection to the rider, even when he/she is placed on the motorbike's tank fuel. This particular system has been patented by Dainese, offers flexibility on those areas where we cannot leave aside the leather. The Microelastic inserts ensures this flexibility on the leather areas, like the abdomen, legs and back.

The suite offers more flexibility thanks to the accordion inserts textile placed on the armpits, blades, kidneys and knees.

Detail of the cowhide, the S1 textile and the accordion flexible areas of the suite.

If we go back to the abdomen, we see that on its inside there is a 3D Bubble textile, which offers a proper isolation and ventlation. Combined with this textile there is a microperforated layer, placed in the sleeves and legs.

Detail of the abdomen area, where on its inside there is a 3D Bubble textile.

On the external area, the suite features microperforated leather areas that will offer breathability.


This suite includes homologated protectors on shoulders and elbows and there is also co-injected external protectors with the Dainese logo.

Detail of the elbow external protector, with the Dainese logo.

On the back there is an aerodynamic hump where we can place an hydration bag. We also find padding protectors on the back and the coccyx.

In the waist area there are Pro-Shape protectors, while on the knees there are internal and homologated protections. On the external area there are co-injected protectors and also a protection with the Dainese logo. There are removable sliders as well.

Detail of the knee guard and the Dainese Aero C2 slider.

The Dainese Aero Evo C2 features a compartment where we can place a Dainese chest protector, but remember that it is not included on the suite as standard.

Closures, adjustments and details

As main closure the Dainese Aero Evo C2 suite has the double zipper (before mentioned) on the abdomen area. There are also two buttons in the neck's area for a complete adjustment of the suite. There are zippers and velcro for the sleeves adjustment, while in the legs there is a double zipper and velcro system for an optimum adjustment to the boots. On that area there are velcro areas on the inside of the legs for a complete adjustment with the Dainese Axial Pro In boots.

Detail of the internal velcro system that allows to adjust the suite to the Dainese boot.

The suite includes an internal pocket and reflective strips for being seen in low light situations. With the suite there are included a cleaning kit and a suite cover.


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