Tutorial: how to clean our helmets' shield properly

How can I clean my helmets' shield properly? It is a common question we use to ask ourselves. The answer is that we have to use the appropriate products (actually, there are specific cleaning products in our webpage Motocard.com).

It is important to avoid glass cleaners, because their components can damage the shield's special plastics and deteriorate its vision properties.

If we use a specific shield's cleaner, it is reccomended to apply its content on a damp cloth with some water and rub it carefully. If we do not have a specific cleaner, we can add neutral soap on the wet cloth.

Detail of the cleaning products we have to use to clean our helmet and its shield.

When we operate our helmet, our footprints can last on our screen and shell, but it is easy to clean them out, but the most difficult task is to remove the insects. The best solution is to apply the shield cleaner to our helmet and let it to react against the dirt. After half a minute, it will be easy to remove the insects.

First of all, we have to apply the product and let it to react against the dirt. After few seconds, clean the surface with a cloth.

If we do not have a specific cleaner, then we will have to use hot water on the cloth, mantaining it on the shields' surface for some minutes. After this, we will be able to remove the dirt from the shield easier.

Remember that the helmets allow to remove easily their screens, in case of wishing a total cleaning.

Detail of the screen removed from the helmet, for a better cleaning on the internal side.

If our helmet has the Pinlock anti-fog screen installed, we must to remenber two things: the Pinlock screen does not allow contact with alcohol or amoniac and its anti-scratch treatment is less than the shield's one. We neither cannot to install the screen if the shield is wet. In this case, we have to wait until the anti-fog layer will be completely dry.

General view of the helmet and its shield completely clean.

If we follow these instructions, we will be able to mantain our helmets' screen clean at all time.

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