How to install a Pinlock antifog visor

Today we are going to show how to install an antifog screen in our helmet. As you already know, the antifog layers (or Pinlock) are the best way to prevent the fog from our helmets' shields and their installation is easy if we know the basic steps. Let's remember them.

To install it, first thing we have to do is take the shield out from our helmet. All the helmets feature an easy way to remove the shield and without using any tool.

Next step: we take the Pinlock or antifog screen and remove its protector plastic. We have to handle the layer holding it on its sides.

Third step: now we have to place one of the screen's ends in the shields' support we will find on its sides. Most of the Pinlock screens have a silicone band on one of its sides. We have to make sure that the silicone band is placed on the shield's plastic side. Remember that the helmets' shield can offer certain flexibility; that will help us to install the antifog visor easily. Another thing: remember to do these steps on a textile or rubber basis, so the shield can be safe from scratches.

Done this, we have to remove the protector plastic in the external side and we have to re-install the shield in our helmet and we are ready to ride!

The Pinlock visor will prevent from the presence of mist or fog in our helmets' shield and it is resistant to cleaning products, being much more practical!

Each helmet has its own Pinlock visor. Remember that in you will find all the Pinlock versions in the 'helmet accessories' section.

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