How to install chest and back protectors

Today we introduce you the different range of internal protectors for Dainese and Alpinestars motorbike jackets.

Dainese Back Protectors

Dainese offers different back protectors in the market, but we must to highlight two of them, the most populars: the Wave and Manis protectors. The Wave protectors are the first generation in back protectors, while the Manis protectors are the last evoluytion from the Italian brand. Both versions use a similar construction that offers felxibility and rigidity at the same time. On the inside there are many orifices, according to evacuate the humidity from the inside.

General view of the Manis G2 (left) and Manis G1 (right) back protectors.

The back protector's name is always together with a denomination (D1 in this case), that means we are in front of the last evolution of the product. The G1 and G2 denominations reffer to the size of the protector: G1 available for jacket sizes from 40 to 48 and G2 from size 50.

The Wave back protectors are available for many Dainese jackets, while the Manis protectors are bigger and it fits only on certain products. That is why we recommend to check the protector's availability in our Dainese jacket and what kind of protection do we must to fit. You can visit our website, where you will be able to check which protector and what denomination fit perfectly with the jacket you purchased.

General view of the Dainese's Wave back protector (left) and detail of the same protector (right).

To install a Dainese's back protector (Manis or Wave), we should open the back compartment placed in the jacket's inside, fitting the protector on it. There is no fixing mechanism, the protector fits perfectly on the pocket. On this example, we have a Dainese Street Rider jacket, that features two different back pockets, according to fit both the Manis and Wave back protectors.

Detail of the back internal pocket, where the back protector can be placed. The zipper closure ensures the optimal fit.

Alpinestars back protectors

Alpinestars has the Nucleon range, that includes all kind of rigid protectors. The Nucleon back protectors designed for fitting inside the Alpinestars jackets are named KR-1i and KR-2i. The 'i' letter means "insert", so we can placed them inside the jackets. The main difference between them is on their structure: the KR-1i features a rigid carcass and the rest is made with polyurethane. On the other hand, the KR-2i is all made with polyurethane and it does not have rigid carcass. The first one is designed for sporty riding styles, while the KR-2i is more versatile and comfortable. On their inside there are many orifices, according to offer the optimal ventilation on our back.

General view of the Alpinestars Nucleon's back protectors KR-1i (left) and KR-2i (right).

Both versions are compatible with most of all Alpinestars jackets, but we must to ensure we get the correct size for our jacket. We recommend to check the size in our webpage, where there is an Alpinestars Nucleons' specific size guide. To install them, we should to replace the foam soft protector for the KR-1i or KR-2i.

Detail of the compartment where the back protectors can be placed in. It has a zipper closure for an optimal fit.

Dainese chest protectors

The most popular Dainese's chest protectors are the Double Chest, two pieces designed for being installed on two frontal and internal pockets. To install them, we must to find the side internal compartments and insert them on each one, paying attention on the shapes and the "right" and "left" indicators. Not all Dainese jackets have these compartments, but most of the sporty jackets.

The chest protectors should be placed on the side compartments, on the jacket's internal area.

But Dainese also features a one piece chest protector, called Chest. This kind of chest protectors are designed for a racing use and for being fit on leather suits or racing leather jackets. That is why usually we will not find any compartment or only one. The main reason is that this protector is under the suite and very adjusted, so additional fixing mechanism is not needed. Otherwise, if we have a road, touring o sporty standard jacket, Dainese preffers to equip their products with the two pieces protectors, much more practical.

General view of the Dainese's Chest (left) and detail of this protector (right).

As always, we recommend you to check your jacket's technical specifications to ensure the right chest protector to the jacket. In case of doubt, at you will find all the information about it.

Alpinestars chest protectors

We find three different Alpinestars' chest protectors in the market, all of them inside Nucleon's family: the KR-Ci, two pieces standard chest protector; the KR-CiW, a two pieces chest protector designed specifically for women; and the KR-CiR, one piece chest protector. To install the KR-Ci and KR-CiW protectors, we must find the internal compartments, placed inside the internal layer. The entrance is the same of the back protectors. We need to replace the foam soft protectors for the rigid ones.

This is the correct shape we must to insert on the Alpinestars' internal chest protector's compartments.

Regarding the KR-CiR protector, its installation is similar to the Dainese's Chest. As it has been designed for a racing use, maybe we need only one compartment or no one.


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