X-Lite X-502 Ultra Carbon: lightness for motocross

The X-Lite X-502 Ultra Carbon is the new and exclusive version of X-Lite's off-road helmet. Made of carbon fiber, the X-502 Ultra Carbon is designed to compete in enduro and motocross with maximum lightness and comfort.


The X-502 Ultra Carbon's shell is made of a very lightweight carbon fiber composite, weighing less than 1200 for a M size, saving more than 200 grams over the standard X-502. X-Lite offers two sizes of shell to perfectly fit the physical build of each. In addition, they have also released the standard version of the X-502, because this is the Ultra Carbon version.

X-Lite X-502 Ultra Carbon[peu]Image of the new X-Lite off-road helmet, the X-502 Ultra Carbon, made with carbon fiber. [/ Peu]


The new X-Lite X-502 Ultra Carbon has a sophisticated ventilation system, called Racing Air Flow (RAF). It consists of several air inlets in the front and in the chin rest and air extractors in the back for an optimal exit of the warm air of the interior of the helmet.

X-Lite X-502 Ultra CarbonDetail of the air inlets found in the chin guard of the X-502, with metal grille and filter.

The chin guard incorporates a metal grid to prevent the entrance of stones and incorporates a small filter, removable for cleaning, to prevent the entry of dust.


The visor of the X-502 Ultra Carbon is detachable and adjustable thanks to three pivots with nut. These can be adjusted without tools. Thus, we can adjust the visor both in height and extension.

X-Lite X-502 Ultra CarbonThe visor of the X-502 Ultra Carbon can be adjusted thanks to the three pivots on the back.

The X-502 offers a wide vision and allows the use of all types of Off-Road goggles. And for those who wear glasses also has the Eyewear Adaptive system, which allows to create a space in the side paddings to introduce the tips of the graduated glasses easily and quickly.

Interior and closure

Inside the helmet we find the Carbon Fitting Racing Experience padding, also one of the main novelties of the X-502 Ultra Carbon. These are made of active carbon fibers with a mesh structure which helps regulate the interior temperature. The active carbon is anti-static, anti-allergic and 100% natural.

X-Lite X-502 Ultra Carbon[peu]Inside the X-Lite X-502 Ultra Carbon we find the Carbon Fitting Racing Experience padding, one of the main new features of the helmet.

In addition, the interior is completely removable and washable. The closure of the helmet is double buckle.

More details

Other features are: the NERS (Nolan Emergency Release System), which facilitates the removal of the helmet in case of accident. On the other hand, the helmet is prepared to facilitate the installation of the hydration system as well as the tube, but it is not included as standard.

The Nolan Emergency Release System facilitates the extraction of the X-502 Ultra Carbon. It is indicated in red as we see in the image.

In short, the X-502 helmet is a 'Ready to Race' philosophy thanks to the pre-installation of the camel bag, its completely removable interior and its great ventilation. This Ultra Carbon version looks for the total performance to reduce every tenth on the off-road tracks.