X-Lite X-551 GT: the dual helmet for everyone

The X-Lite X-551 GT helmet has been designed for a dual purpose, both the tarmac and off-road. But it also includes typical touring accessories, as the sun visor and a comfortable padding.

Materials and construction

The shell of the helmet has been made with a triple compound of fiber: carbon, kevlar and fiberglass, the same as other X-Lite helmets, as the X-802RR. Its weight is around 1.640 grams with the visor and the shield mounted. Without these components, the weight goes down to the 1.500 grams.

General view of the X-Lite X-551 GT helmet.

The X-551 GT features a removable off-road shield, so the X-Lite can be converted on a tipycal full-face road helmet. But we can also remove the vision shield and race with an off-road goggles. The helmet's aerodynamics have been designed to resist high speeds on the motorway, thanks to its rear spoiler and side spoilers.

We can remove the off-road shield, so the helmet mantains a typical fullface road helmet.


Regarding the ventilation, this helmet has a main air entrance in the shell's front area, while there are two extra inlets in the upper area, all of them with on-off selector. In the chin we find an air inlet with a rack, according to filter the dust in the air. The air outlets are placed in the rear side of the helmet, just below the spoiler, and two other exits on the sides.

Detail of the chin air inlet (left) and the side air outlets (right).

Visor and screen

We are in front a dual purpose helmet, so the X-551 GT has an off-road shield, removable thanks to three plastic screws. We can also adjust its weight with the same screws. The visor screen has anti-scratch treatment and it is also removable, in case of wearing off-road goggles. There is a rubber perimetral band that isolates its inside properly. With the helmet there is a Pinlock anti-fog visor included. Adding to all this, there is a sunvisor integrated on the helmet. We can activate it with a mechanism that is placed on the left side of the shell.

Detail of the sunvisor screen (left) and its mechanism (right).

Interiors and closure

The interiors feature a padding with a touring design, so we will feel comfortable when the helmet's on. The padded areas are wide and we find techniocal textiles that will help the helmet to evacuate the sweat. All the padding areas are removable and washable.The closure is a double D ring, the safest closure we can find on the market.

Vista del acolchado del casco (izquierda) y de su cierre de doble anilla (derecha).

Finally, we have to highlight the X-Lite X-551 GT is prepared to install a N-COM on it, but this element does not come with the helmet as standard.

The X-Lite X551 GT is another option for whom are looking for a dual purpose helmet with a fiber shell. This helmet also features touring accessories, as the sunvisor and the padded areas, that enhances its versatility.

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