X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon: light and sporty helmet

The X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon is the ultimate expression of sportiness of the Italian brand X-Lite, that belongs to the Nolan group. This helmet is the result of developments in racing seen before in the X-802, X-802R and X-802RR helmets, used by riders like Jorge Lorenzo, Casey Stoner, Carlos Checa, and more recently, Danny Kent, proclaimed world champions.


The shell of the X-802RR Carbon Ultra is made, as its name suggests, a carbon fiber compound. This material ensures maximum resistance to any impacts, besides being very light. X-Lite has three different shell sizes to find which suits us best.

Side (left) and frontal view (right) of the X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon.

In fact, one of the most positive aspects of the introduction of this new fiber in the shell is the reduction of the overall weight. The X-802RR Ultra Carbon shows 1,240 grams on the scale for a M size, representing a reduction of between 80 and 100 grams over its predecessor, the X-802RR. And it also features a very good load balance, so that it shows very light once set.


The ventilation in the X-802RR Ultra Carbon is designed under the RAF (Racing Air Flow) concept, which creates a specific air ducting, more efficient for sporty driving experience as a of the brand's experience at racing.
Thus at the top we find three entries: a large central and two lateral closures 'on / off' type. Just looking the aerodynamic shape of the shell we can imagine the air flow traveling, which finds its way out in the back, in the center of the spoiler. In fact, this spoiler can be modifyed: there are two positions that prolong the air to win downforce, thus prevent shaking at high speed.
In the chin's area, there's only one air intake, but it's a big one, also with 'on / off' type closure, and two side outlets. As a unique feature, the X-802RR Ultra Carbon also features an air channeler in the chin designed to improve aerodynamics, to let air and reducing friction.

Air intake (left) and rear exit just below the spoiler (right).


The screen X-Lite X-802RR Ultra Carbon is made from Lexan material, having anti-scraching properties. It's also Pinlock-ready, the best anti-fog system on the market. It features a clear, wide view, one of the best in the market's racing helmets segment.
The screen closing system is on the left side, just where's also the screen's replacing mechanism. This system is easy to work: if we press the button, the screen is anchored, if we press again, then we release free again the screen. A totally different system compared to other helmet brands.
The edges of the screen are topped by a rubber crown that it improves sealing and prevents the entry of air, water or noise. The screen can be removed quickly without tools thanks to the practical extraction system by means of two side spring buttons: just tighten inward and we can remove the screen.Nose cover and crown rubber close up (left).


Inside the X-802RR Ultra Carbon Ultra we find a brand new construction material called 'Carbon Fitting'. This is a brand new padding, created with carbon active  filaments, a technology developed at the X-Lite's racing activities. This material is 100% natural and bacteriostatic (anti-pollution), and stands out because it is an element with high thermoregulatory capacity. X-Lite states that the use of this type of padding decreases the temperature and the O2 body's needs as well helping to decrease heart rate when racing at high stress level, showing how the comfort of our head improves our overall physical performance. Furthermore, 'Carbon Fitting' decreases static electricity that can be generated in the interior.

Close up of the revolutonary 'Carbon Fitting' padding.

The padding fits tight to all our head and face, with special thickness in the cheek. Alternating with the padding we find air mesh fabric, in order to reach a balance between air flow and sweat absorption. Finishes are top quality, including leather and suede.

Fasteners and details

The X-802RR Ultra Carbon fastener is a double D system, as it's compulsory for a helmet homologated for track use.

Helmet base view (left) and Double D close up (right).

The X-802RR Ultra Carbon comes standard with chin and nose cover, Pinlock, plus a special lubricant for the visor's edge rubber seal, to impede drying over time.
In summary, the X-802RR Ultra Carbon is, the most advanced helmet from Nolan Group. Handmade in Italy, presents interesting developments inside along with a carbon composite shell of low weight and high strength fiber. A very interesting combination for a very interesting price in the segment of premium racing helmets.

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