Xavi Vierge passes the Motocard speed test

In the midst of the MotoGP World Championship, Xavi Vierge, Moto2 rider and rookie of the year in 2016, gives us a few minutes to face a different interview, fun and very personal... Don't miss the Motocard Speed Test!

Hi everyone. I'm Xavi Vierge and I came to pass the Motocard Speed ​​Test.


Motocard: A place to live.

Xavi Vierge: Australia.

M: What will you do during the break of July?

XV: I'm going on vacation to the beach.

M: Favorite food and drink.

XV: Meat and Nestea.

M: Choose a color.

XV: Red.

M: Your favorite race.

XV: Montmeló.

M: The best moment of your career.

XV: When I was young, I managed to win the championships.

M: And the worst moment of your career.

XV: Lesions.

M: What object or talisman always accompanies you?

XV: Some little angels that my grandmother gave me.

M: And a sporting dream.

XV: To be world champion.

M: We have a time machine: against whom would you compete?

XV: Against Marc Márquez

M: Current and past sports hero.

XV: From the past, Javier García Vico. Current, Marc Márquez.

M: In what other sport have you thought "I could also be champion in this"?

XV: I would like motocross ... Any kind of extreme sport.

M: Tell us a defect of yours.

XV: Impatient.

M: And a virtue?

XV: Cabezón (laughs).

M: Something that you regret.

XV: The mistakes I've made.

M: There are no races, it's Sunday afternoon, what are you doing?

XV: Spend time with my family and friends.

M: How do you imagine when you leave the competition?

XV: Surrounded by good people around me and with a beautiful life ahead.

M: If you were not a pilot, you would be ...

XV: I would do any other sport.

M: What movie / series character would you like to be?

XV: James Bond.

M: Favorite Simpsons character.

XV: Bart.

M: Car of your dreams.

XV: Ferrari

M: Ayrton Senna or Michael Schumacher?

XV: Michael Schumacher.

M: Marc Márquez or Valentino Rossi?

XV: Marc Márquez.

M: Winter or summer?

XV: Summer.

M: Sea or mountain?

XV: Sea.

M: Cat or dog?

XV: Dog.

M: Tell us a band or artist you like.

XV: I like many types, but I could not tell you one.

M: Where do you sing more, in the shower or at the traffic lights?

XV: At traffic lights (laughs).

M: Finally, have you tried licking your elbow?

XV: No.

M: And you're not going to do it, are you?

XV: No (laughs).


We've finished, thank you all. I hope you enjoyed it and you can continue to enjoy with us. A greeting!!